Behind the Scenes: The Complex Nature of Millennials and Social Media

Upon reading Danah Boyd’s It’s Complicated, I found that she delves into the interesting behavior of millennials on social media. Millennials tend to adopt a “mask” while networking in an attempt to appeal to the colorful array of their audience on their various forms of social media. For many, networking has become a place of escape, a temporary refuge for whatever hardship life has granted them, be it responsibilities or simply the harsh reality of life. Ultimately, it has become an alternate reality where anything is possible and the user can become anyone or anything they desire to be. A shy introvert could have the potential to become a big internet persona, hidden by the anonymity of the internet. It could be a place where a lonely human can find interaction without the fear of abrupt rejection in person. With the help platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat, one can become true to themselves but with increased charisma. But as beautiful as social media is, it should not be used to replace life itself. It is important to find a sweet compromise between reality and networking. Social media should only be used as tool to widen connections, not for isolation.


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