Communication: Easily Misunderstood

Since the emergence of language, communication is ever changing. The user behind holds the power to manipulate the message into whatever they wish and can be easily misunderstood if one simply glances at it. The ability to encode these secret messages is very important to gradually attain. In the world of adolescence, it is quite easy to read the wrong message especially as a parent because teenagers are lingustically slick in their language. Girls can have cover names to describe a person, be it their crush or mortal enemy in the girl world. They could be bashing a fellow female for engaging with a crush but to a parent, it could look like regular talk. On the contrary, 2 guys discussing an innocent inside joke could be reported depending on the interpretation of the individual reciting it. The secrecy of this type of language opens up the potential to undetectable bullying so in conclusion, we should all exercise closer attention to the message rather than aimlessly glancing at it. Becoming a more active and attentive reader can open up perspectives that originally was not there. All we have to do is to pay attention.


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