The Pursuit of Perfection

Perfection…a concept that everyone desperately chases but in reality, it is unattainable. It is a ghost, omnipresent for it is present everywhere but a demon for it can manipulate the lives of many individual negatively. It reigns a kingdom run by the fear of missing out and thrives by the action of subordination. Women should have fuller, voluptuous body but not too curvaceous or else they are considered fake or plus sized. Men should be tall but not too tall or else they would not be considered desirable. For the longest time, I have followed perfection’s reign religiously, doing the most to not stand out. I found myself spending 2 hours a day to glam up so that I could camouflage myself in the sea of fellow females who followed the ever-changing world of beauty. I would work out and restrict my diet to attain that “perfect body”. My closet had to have the newest outfits all in the rage and the more I trailed behind the tracks of perfection, the longer the distance I built between myself and happiness. Whatever effort I put to myself was simply not enough. Is this the truth of perfection? In order to be perfect, I have to give up my happiness? I have to be afraid to stand out because it does not appease to the majority? For those who have been in my boat, I am here to tell you that happiness should not be compromised. Love yourself and do not be afraid to stand out! I promise you that life will become radiant and vibrant as soon as you ditch that mindset of trying please others rather than yourself. You are important and spectacular and do not forget that.


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