A Gendered Double Standard?

If you had to ask me if there is a gendered double standard in today’s culture, I would have to say that yes, that is an ever so present evident gender double standard. Coming from a traditional Catholic background, women should be “pure” and reserve themselves for only those that they know will be their husband. It is frowned upon to have multiple partners and to engage in sexual activities before marriage. It is very typical for those who do that sort of activity to be prone to slut-shaming but unfortunately, that is not always the same case for the male gender. On the contrary, males are praised for having multiple partners in their lifetime. Those who get the more girls are seen as more powerful and dominant but if a woman hooks up with just one other person, she is immediately labeled as a slut. There are multiple tests conducted to see which gender is more accepted in this behavior and the majority of the participants accepted men who had sex with several partners but were not accepting with women having sex with several partners. I can attest this because I personally have experienced this. A person was spreading around that I was sleeping with one of the entire athletic team since I was with 1 person on that team.

Another background prone for a double standard is dress codes. Although college is more lenient on this rule, in high school, girls had a huge list of what they should not wear to school. The list varied from strap width, to dress length, and to how much cleavage should be shown. On the other side, the list as to what guys could not wear is short. I believe that this issue cannot be solved quickly nor will it not go away unless we change the stigma that women need to be “pure” and men are taught at an early age to not overly sexualize women.


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