Being Female.

Even in today’s society, the perception of being the “female gender” almost instantaneously categorizes one as “inferior” to the male gender and incapable to execute what males can do. Females are expected to be soft-spoken, delicate and tend to the children at home. From the time that I could remember to now, I still continuously go through gender discrimination.

One of the first instances that occurred in my early childhood was the issue of uniforms. I went to a rigorous Catholic school for kindergarten and preschool and I would always be scolded for not sitting like a “proper lady” while wearing a skirt. I preferred to sit comfortably rather than with one leg crossed over another and that deemed me as an ill mannered lady. Today, I would often get scolded for wearing what my parents considered raunchy. I grew up with typically conservative and traditional beliefs so wearing short shorts or low back tank tops would have the impression that I am impure and have malicious reasons to seduce boys. I was instilled the thought that my body to boys is sexual so in order for them to not prey on me, I have to wear clothes that covered.
Even in elementary school, ridiculing gender was prominent. Sometimes girls would get picked last at games since boys viewed them as not athletic. Another discriminating factor is education. Some boys believed that girls were not as intelligent as boys. They viewed girls as air headed. I also grew up with an environment that although my mother had a voice to say her opinions, my father still made the executive decisions.

This discrimination against my gender affected me because now I have to be careful of what I wear. Although, I felt confident in one outfit, if it showed too much skin then it is something that I could not wear. Times like this or if i was forced to changed out of an outfit made me feel like my body was not my body, I had to dress for other people. I often would have to work harder at athletics to prove that I am not as weak as I seemed and the same occurred for education. I would have to apply more effort to get normal recognition for boys. It is true that society today has drifted away from open discrimination of gender but it does not mean it does not exist.


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