Being In Love.

Being in love is such a beautiful phenomena. You find excitement from other human being. Talking to them, it seems like time flies by and next thing you know, its 5 in the morning. But even though long conversations like these occur frequently, you never run out of the things to talk about. You start think about that person 24/7 too. Walking around as I fell deeper and deeper in love with my boyfriend, I found more and more things that made me think of him, no matter how small and insignificant it was. Being in love is also one of the hardest things in life. You learn that small bickering arguments can be painful for both sides. That fights break out over the smallest things. You learn that even though you thought you had great communication skills, sometimes it is not enough and so you have to step up your game. But while being in a relationship is draining, the satisfaction of knowing that you and your partner have genuine feelings for one another, it makes any hardship easy to overcome. But then again, I am a hopeless romantic and thinks that love conquers all but not everyone is the same. Love is something that everyone should experience though for you learn a lot about yourself so do not be afraid of falling in love and getting hurt. Take those experiences and learn from them. Who knows, your prince charming may be closer than you think.


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