Big Thinkers.

In the video Big Thinkers, Dr. Sasha Barab discusses the potential of video games in active learning. Rather than having the students sit through a boring lecture where their attention is half drawn, having a video game poses for more interaction and is ultimately more interesting for the students. By making learning more interesting, it makes it easier for them to take in more information and makes them eager to learn more. The structure of the games are also in way where the students feel encouraged and glad that they are there rather than treating them as ignorant and their job is to get smarter. Lastly, the way that this new found strategy of learning is that there is no A or F or grades in general. It is graded in a sense of how important is it to the community who is utilizing the game of the student. I believe that this is an effective way of learning for it ignites the passion to learn more and enables students to become more creative. More schools should shift into this way learning to build a more creative and effective future


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