Catcalling: The Truth.

Catcalling is supposedly an action that compliments the outer beauty of a female but in actuality, it is one the most disrespectful things a man could ever do to a female. It makes a female feel dirty for they are inviting this onto themselves, that it is their fault. But in actuality, it is the fault of the other side. Women should be treated with better respect. Us females need to be treated like an actual person rather than an over sexualized object. I find it baffling that males can do this to other females but when it comes to it occurring to their sisters, cousins or mothers, they immediately recognize the atrocity that comes with catcalling. They don’t understand how wrong it is unless they experience it first hand. I’m sure that a male will read this and say that I am overreacting but unless you have experienced the experience that females undergo, then your opinion is irrelevant. Unless you have experienced a time where walking to your car makes you feel unsafe because of the persistence of a group of males trying to catch your attention, then you have no say. Unless you have cried because a guy trails after you while in stop and go traffic to catcall, then zip your mouth. Catcalling is not cute boys, it is disgusting, degrading, dehumanizing and quite frankly, primal.



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