Full College Experience?

Ah yes, college… a time of self-discovery. People always preach the saying “Enjoy college! Get the full college experience!” and while jumping around from guy to guy is fun, it made me more lonely actually. Before the slut-shaming bashes occur, let me clarify that no, I did not fuck every guy on every sports team or frat. I was a flirt,yes, but I never gave myself up so easily. For me, talking is more than just talking about what someone’s favorite color is or what is their hobby. Talking is a commitment. I want to know everything about you. From your hopes and aspirations to your darkest moments, I yearn to discover the different sides of a person. Now that I think about my past experiences with flings, I get too “attached” as a connoisseur of flings and one-night stands would say. But for me, I find that it is disrespectful to the person to just talk for a few nights, smash and quit. For all I know, that person could have really liked me and I just played them like it was nothing. Feelings are something that should not be played around with so if you are planning to get that wondrous “college experience”, then I suggest that you openly communicate with your partner as to what your intentions truly are. Trust me, it’ll save you and the other person the struggle and you two can end things on a good note.


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