Green Anole Lizard and Human Regeneration?

The Green Anole lizard is a common lizard and is a common household pet but it has many fascinating biological qualities about it. First off, the Green Anole lizard can change colors much like a chameleon. Although Anole lizards are not as sophisticated at changing colors like chameleon, they still obtain the biological characteristics to do so. Green Anole lizards also have the capabilities of regeneration. They have this capability due to the 325 genes in the tail and I think that this is so cool because it shows the different genes that are turned on. Unfortunately, this does not enable the animal to do spontaneous regeneration. It takes about 60 days to fully regenerate. Furthermore, this animal interests me because we humans share about 320 common genes with this lizard. With further research, these genes could possibly enable regeneration with humans. This gives people with amputated limbs or any body parts a new chance of a better life. These genes could also help spinal cord injuries, birth defects, and treatment of diseases such as arthritis. This animal related to the topic of gene control, a topic that was discussed so deeply in my general zoology class. This animal would be categorized with how the genes get turned “on” or “off”. It would also be categorized with the control system of genes. This animal gives me hope that further research will be done and with further research, lives can be improved and so can the quality of life for others.


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