Reading Comprehension On The Web.

Teachers in modern day schools fail to teach the evaluation of credible sources. This is imperative for it is a necessary skill needed to successfully browse the digital world. For example, the only type of learning that associated was creditbility when I was learned to not to use Wikipedia or not to always trust endings ending in .com. This simply isn’t enough. Students need to be able decipher multiple source readings and analyze their importance. Students need to learn what makes something creditable and how to manipulate information into their work. Not only are those skills needed but so is the ability to navigate. Sharp navigational skills make the difference between successful and unsuccessful online readers. I believe that teaching online reading comprehension in the classroom will help bridge the learn gap between students and being able to excel in reading comprehension. Tools that could help the young to excel is being able to utilize online content in the classroom for it will make it enjoyable and easy to focus on. Online content can also help their creativity in an educational way which will benefit them greatly in their future.


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