Sexism Through Commercials.

Upon doing the Lego remix program, it has come to my attention as to how commercials are teaching stereotypical behaviors between genders. Commercials such as Lego are basically brainwashing children at such a young age that this is their role in society as a girl or boy and that they should abide to it for it is the norm. I found this disturbing because the majority of the children who are watching these commercials obviously are incapable of making their own choices for they have not mentally developed as much as adults have. The portrayal of the commercials are quite unsettling for the toys for boys typically teach them to fight, be competitive and aggressive. In addition, commercials for boys portray competition, being in control, having power, conquering, and being in command as the norm for the male gender. This places boys in a stereotypical box and limits the way they express themselves and their emotions.

Girls, on the other hand, are taught that females only belong in the world of homemaking, domestic work, popularity, self-image, and carry the obsession with beauty. This very much so restricts the imagination of what women are capable of in society. Commercials teach girls that only their appearances matter but not their intellect. Also, in comparison to boy commercials where men are typically successful, it is a rarity to stumble along a strong charactered individual that is a female. This traces back to the stigma that females should be inferior to men.


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