Survival Of The Fittest: Strong and Weak Readers.

Humans aren’t perfect. Now that is a given but having a strong comprehension skills is necessary to browse the web. The difference between strong and weak readers is they undergo an extenuating process to come to an answer. Strong readers would analyze the question and throughly research it piece by piece to come to an educated conclusion. Another skill set strong readers used was they utilize sources with authors that were experts in that apparent field of study with years of experience and or research. Strong readers contain the ability to decipher the author’s purpose through their usage of language.

On the contrary, weak readers utilize a limited amount of skill sets to come to an answer for the question. The weak readers copied the question word for word in to the search engine and the outcome is that they are provided with little variety between different articles to conclude from. They also do not use credible sources or search engines to find their information to the questions. A very important issue is that weak readers would often copy and paste from websites, which is plagiarism. This ultimately stunts their skills to critical think. Not only this but weak readers sometimes only use a singular source to come up with an answer for the questions give credit to the wrong person. For example, giving credit to the editor or publication rather than to the real author of the article or website.


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