The Hookup Culture.

In today’s society, there has been multiple advances that ultimately benefits every gender and every identification. Prior to earlier years, the stigma of hookup culture has gradually decreased. The definition of hookup culture is “… one that accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters, including one-night stands and other related activity, which focus on physical pleasure without necessarily including emotional bonding or long-term commitment” (“Hookup culture”). The hookup culture became prevalent around college campuses. The idea of “hooking up” without commitment entices many teens and young adults for a majority of them do not plan on seriously settling down yet. Furthermore, many of them are still uncertain for what they want to do in their life.

The hookup culture has definitely affected me in a negative way. Unlike many college students, my ideals for relationships are more of traditional and conservative. I would rather not have so many partners before I meet the one. I also let myself get too attached easily so the idea of having multiple partners does not really attract me. While I do like the idea of just living in the moment and letting myself succumb to this behavior, in reality I feel that my perspective on “true love” would become dull.

In all honesty, I have hooked up with guys before and while it seemed revitalizing, in the end it was not altogether satisfying. I felt that it fulfilled my needs physically but in a way, I felt lonelier. I yearned for a significant other and hooking up made me want to hook up with more guys to get that same feeling that I got when I was with a boyfriend. It was also exhausting to try to block off my emotions to make this causal. The more hookups I had with a person, the harder it was to not become attached to them. Lastly, the hookup culture made it harder for me to find a man who has genuine intentions with me relationship wise. For example, if I did not want to hook up with them, then they are completely uninterested in me. This made me feel undesirable because they deemed me as “boring”.

The hookup culture has affected me in a negative way. It made it harder for me to find a genuine man to commit with and it left me unsatisfied. If I did not hook up with a guy, then I am “uninteresting” in their eyes. Even if I did hook up with them, it did not satisfy me the same way as it did when I had a boyfriend. The hookup culture made me feel shallow, decapitated from my emotions and needy. Although, I do support the stigma against hookups going down, I feel that hookups are gradually replacing true intimate relations.


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