The Importance of Voting.

In the Ted Talk, “There’s no such thing as not voting”, Presenter Erin Liu discusses the importance of voting. Since the 2016 election occurred, I believed that the line, “But in spite of this, I still believe that voting matters” was influential to me. Coming from a person who was quite involved in politics in high school, I believed that voting is a way to express the needs of the less prevalent in our society. Voting for a proper leader to bring our country into excellence is important. It is important that they carry the trust of the people and perform action that are selfless. It is also imperative that they do not perform actions that only benefits to a small percentage of our country. In my opinion, becoming a leader is not to display the level of wealth or power one has, it is to adhere and bring benefit to others who cannot speak for themselves. So I do agree with Liu when he says that we should not only recognize the importance of voting but also bring the joy of voting back. By bringing the joy of voting, the people are constantly motivated to do more. They crave for answers and I believe that this motivation is desperately needed in today’s society. A majority of people believe that the task of voting is a very dull, obligatory task so they do not reflect on the consequences that come with a certain leadership. The lack of motivation is the reason why voting is so important because politics is always changing. It is the job of the people to ensure that the change does not bring harm. I believe that instead of viewing voting as a drag, it should be seen as a privilege considering that many countries do not have the choice of democracy. This leads to another saying Liu emphasized which is “not voting is voting”. Not voting essentially gives the power to the opposing group which may have contradicting ideas. Not voting makes one look like they have no voice or power so this is why voting is important.


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