Unheard Atrocities Committed Against Women.

An example of the unheard oppression against women was the European Witch Hunt. Many only know of those who were convicted of being a witch but not the amount of women that actually died. 85% were women and some children. Those who died included: independent women, older women, widowers, women who owned properties, healers, midwives, pagan worshippers, non-believers in Catholicism, and anyone simply accused of being a witch. This baffled me because the history textbooks that I used did not mention up to par what was basically a genocide for the female gender.

Another example was the Eugenics Movement. I have never heard of this movement but after learning what it was angered me greatly. Women who partook in this movement were not treated as a human being but rather an object in my opinion. I found it inhumane for someone to basically mutilate a women to prevent a birth of an undesirable. It was almost as if women did not have any control or right to their body. They remain submissive to please others and I found that just wrong.


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